Teens and Alcohol Addiction: What You Need to Know

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Teens and Alcohol Addiction: What You Need to Know

Parents of teens should be aware of some things when it comes to alcohol use. Many parents believe that their child would never partake. That would be a big mistake. There are signs to watch for to spot abuse before something dangerous happens. Avoiding that danger is easy when you know how.

The signs of teen alcohol addiction can be misunderstood as regular signs of adolescence. Here are some important signs to watch for to spot it before it is too late.

– They can become aggressive towards friends and family.
– Sometimes they might withdraw from them as well.
– They may begin to lie.
– Sometimes they begin to steal.

They steal to have money to support their habit. They sneak out sometimes or can stay out without calling to let their parents know where they are. They might not show any signs like that at all. Each teen is going to display things in their own way.

Some teens will make no attempt to hide it. Those signs are more obvious of course. They might have blurry eyes or slurred speech. Repetitious speech is another sign. In fact, any change in patterns of speech is a sign to look into further.

Weight changes are another issue. Any major changes should have parents asking questions about their child’s well-being. Depending on what they behave like, parents can decide what to do. Maintaining an open line of communication is important too.

It’s important to ask questions of the child in to make sure that he or she is not showing any deviations from their normal behavior. Often these can be subtle. Most parents know when their child is acting off. Following gut instincts can save a child’s life.

There are physical signs to look for as well. When parents see the warning signs it’s important to get help immediately. Some of the signs might be clear depending on what stage the teen might be in with their addiction. They are all withdrawal symptoms.

– Trembling
– Irritability
– Nausea
– Diarrhea

The only way to know what is happening is to have the teen see someone to make sure that they are not suffering from alcohol addiction or worse, addiction withdrawal. It can actually be dangerous. So many parents try to pretend that nothing is wrong with their kids. It makes them feel better and safer. That could be a death sentence for their child. Parents should always act as the parents instead of the friend of their child. It’s easy to do this in a way which kids stay open to their parents. It takes work, but parenting classes are available for those that need guidance.

Rather than yelling at the child for abusing alcohol it’s important to keep the communication lines open. Consult a specialist in recovery and have the child’s health checked. Many times teens that are abusing alcohol need a health check-up to regain their health. This is one area that is not up for discussion with the child.

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