About Us

Grow America is an organization that commits itself to providing health-related resources for adolescents and teens ages 12 – 19 throughout the United States. Originally, we started our website and collection of resources in 2010, though we just moved to this web address in early 2017. When teens and adolescents need critical health information, they turn to us.

Our team consists of counselors, psychiatrists, physicians, physical therapists, nutritionists, and substance abuse counselors. Often, we refer teens to other organizations, such as Alcoholics Anonymous or Planned Parenthood, whatever the case may be. We believe that helping the country’s youth to become the healthiest young adults they can possibly be is the best way to help the future of this country.

Teens and adolescents today are facing so many health-related issues. Self-esteem and bullying are real problems. Sexual health, teenage pregnancies, and sexually transmitted diseases will not be eradicated unless teens and adolescents are given the proper education. Teens and adolescents are abusing drugs and alcohol earlier and earlier. In this climate in our country, we feel the most important thing is the education of our youth.

Our Mission

We have made it our critical mission to educate all teens and adolescents and provide them with the resources they need to make healthy decisions. Have a look around our website, and you will find the resources that you need.